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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 31, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. get ready to celebrate halloween with some great videos from the web "right this minute." >> a fiery call erupts in a scary scene that is -- >> the power of mother earth scary. >> bright night on the freeway in a chase reaching speeds of -- >> 109 miles an hour.
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>> the mom things go from fast to furious. a woman drives to save a poster of high winds. plus, forget halloween candy. we're giving out flat screen tvs and we've got the buzz word for your chance to win. and it's a modern ghost story. get ready for -- >> the scariest video. >> you're going to find out what's under that bed. there's halloween scary and then there's the power of mother earth scary. up are lo you are looking at the first moment of the eruption of this volca volcano. >> that is such a cool shot. >> again, this is in far east russia. you never know how the weather
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will going to react around volcanos. >> it makes it even more interesting that it's wintry weather outside. you think it should be hot. >> you see this stream of hot lava in the background. >> that's steam on the snow. >> looks like somebody took a really big red sparkler and stuck it in the mountain. this video is shot by a man who goes vol cane oaf hunting, went for two weeks, waited 20 hours just to capture this video. >> it makes you respect the planet, though. it makes you look at this rock we live on with complete awe. >> waiting for something evil to be born. >> this is dash cam footage from three different patrol cars in
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milwaukee. they're chasing a man that failed to stop for one of the deputies. that driver took off. three deputies followed in a chase that reached speeds of up to 109 miles an hour. the chase lasted about seven miles answered like this. >> oh, no. >> the driver slams into the barrels this ramp and into the median wall. also crashes into the car. here is a video from the second patrol car chasing this second to get on the ramp and lose the cop. >> he ended up crashing. there's a third angle. >> the driver of that hutchins was kevin b. hutchins, 40 years old. high ai fording to police reports, he was uncooperative be, belligerent, not on to the
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arresting officers but to the hospital staff. the driver does face quite a few charges, including his third owi, if convicted of all the charges he's facing, he could spend up to 32 years and nine months in all them. >> keep him off of the highway. >> a terrible storm blew through parts of northern europe attacking hurricane force winds. this first video, live footage from a broadcast on a danish news station. reports say she was trying to remove a sign and watch what happened. >> what was that? >> that was another sign that blew through hitting her from behind it almost looks like, knocking her over. it's expected to recover but a
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tear trying scene. >> and in other parts of europe, people shooting video of the violent seas. you can see two small sail boats just fight being the wind, fighting the storm. >> aafraid the mast is going to break on one of those things. >> you see how violent the ocean is. >> we're not seeing anything bu the winds, no rin, not slow, just torm ally described. >> this last video is from the airport in birmingham ham in u.k. crosswinds are giving this plane a tough time. it comes in, lands on one wheel and keeps that left wheel up for a really long final. >> i would actually like to be a passenger in that plane. how odd would that be that he
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the run way as you're coming in. now he's landed, this is kidding whacking that's crew. >> it's true. >> hey, everybody. it's time for a new big rtm difficultaway. >> this time giving away 42 inch flat screen tvs. >> you'll need 13 buzz years to enter. and coming the rtm moo -- though . it's going to be lots of high watts at those halloween parties this year. those pirates should have their own song, don't you think?
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♪ ♪ >> the song is called "pirate medley" by peter holland and the gardner sisters. there are no acapella music. >> but when you listen to it, it totally sounds like there's increase. >> she tore us we friend tlerer, i want to take the control. i burn up the city. >> they use to create this full sound. how do you keep it in your thin that i vp he took through the process because of the fabd that
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he processed as well. i'd be willing to themore adders. >> maybe it because supertime isn't go to rightthis dlg map is see what happens when the throwing gets tough. >> turn and. >> plus, grandma gets her party on. >> and is grandma doing? >> it's swigging beer out of a pumpkin. >> see how she chugs like a champ.
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they're practicing their skills here. they're performers at the run-a-thon fare. >> oh, boy. >> she gets her turn, too. >> i don't like it at all! >> sounds like after the show she generally does a smaller part but apparently people really like her. so now she's getting involved in doing more. this is one of their practice sessions. >> that's the funny part, though. this is practice. there are no mistakes here.
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>> no. >> aren't there nice throw-in dummies you can hit across the boards? >> wendy: it. >> how do you have that conversation for the first time, honey, i lof you, we've been together for six knives now. can i love you? >> i get you they trust each other a lot. that indeed is a typical guy. >> he's holding a balloon so she can then pop it with that last life. ity hurns oornd, throws second to last knife and then the last one. >> money if he treated on that one, at that would be old
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some assad some. >> there's something about the blades of a helicopter ricochetting through his neighborhood. he got his camera out and saw this large pie rahaling towards the ground, out of control and then business atear with a should into nk -- >> this is that same helicopter. it looks like he lives near the race field. would it shock you if i told you both the pilot and co-pilot survived this crash? how are you able to even figure out how to get out after you've been spinning like that toward the earth? i don't imagine you would know which way is its or left.
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like maybe they had their back to the wind and that's what went wrong. >> it's like a million leases of pieces. they're lucky it randed right side up. it could a they kruchl zones same already to cars. in this case, maybe that's what the pilot and co-pilot says. >> yeah, this is not somebody dressed as a grand ma on halloween. this is an actual grandmother, and what's grandma doing at this dalegate at the university of northern iowa? >> she's spun with a beer out of
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a pumpkin. yes, it a beer belong feltia. >> at that area to go to go but they are choose than you think in her mouth, yes? >> i think you heard someone in there go otia way, past! >> it never too old to party. >> that's spectacular. she doubled that like a champ. >> it started as an ordinary dive. >> once they got to the surface, they realized they were in deep trouble. >> and still to come, andrew hails try to pretend and people think are in the.
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what mmm had to say plus we've got a flat scre to give away. doesn't miss thursday's bud word for your chance to win. . with within -- >> in your phone is sitting in a draw where, it worth exactly zero. at, you can find out what your phone is paid for, especially old phones. go to you together, fick search, more choice, more.
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. it is make. he's being
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♪ i got $20 in my pocket >> this song make mclemore a big
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star. when mclemore went to sin city as part of his nationwide tour, haley got an idea. >> we're at the conference center and we're going to try to be mclemore and trip people. >> people are tending to be mcclemor but people have often forget it. >> he got interviewed bia rote yags? what are you all crowding around? nobody seems to be questioning he's not mcily voice. >> and the hair cut, extremely high and then kind of blond popped oaf to the side. >> it gets even better because somebody's got to perform tonight, why not andrew hale. >> what?
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>> during the show, though, i'm mclemore. >> thank you so much. >> so andrew hale and his traj were able to buyback security but but when they kick him out ego the security "this thrill still get free vip for life." >> that's all you had to do was punk him and he gets free vip. >> it is time for people who don't know what they're interested in. >> tell me about it, darling. >> this is a new nur row skaem which was and tell you what i'm interested in. >> so it's looking at thing a
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foo shiems it connected the manager in the i gon. >> it could range individual to people and services. >> you know who is interested in this? how probably goes our tech guy gabd snp. >> i don't want to going to oorl indplor -- when it senses you're interested in something, it will start recording on your snichlt often. >> tomorrow of these do i have this to college something. i stin of upping is to put out the cash that, the high height does it in a if the businesses
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had been a mart of the information, they could tell what people are actually interested in. >> that would be really hard because it would fill up people's memory cards. >> we'd be on it. >> so is this going to be youthful? where'd he go? >> so fast. >> steven, you know, i they. now enter on our facebook page. go to the first post and tap on our mobile link. time to retrael the thur buzz word." it is side roar.
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>> then thursday the buzz word thatcy so di-- that's your chan to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> things get [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up,
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you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up. [father] reel it up,you got him on there.bring him in. is that a bass? [boy] yeah,i got a big bass. [father]bring it up.keep reeling.keep reeling.c'mon, where is he? whoa! you caught that all by yourself? [boy] yeah! [father]how old are you to catch that? [boy]three! [father]you're three years old? show me how many fingers that is.
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>> you might see a lot of skeletons today out haunting the neighborhoods of the world but i bet u department think you'd see a skeleton doing this. a very artistic video called "light goes on." check out this skeleton in all different parts of the forest but then watch what the skeleton
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does. >> oh, this is so cool! >> skate boards. break dances there, under the beach, under the pier. >> i don't know how they did this. have i an aye dehough they did this. basically the guy is setting up his tamara with a long exposure and he has a light in his hand and he's sketching that skeleton through the air with his light. >> so it's kind of like you can write your name with a sparkler. >> very cool. >> and very talented because that's a really good skeleton and it consistently good. >> here's a tiny witch hat. ♪ ♪
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>> ladies this one is entitled -- >> on the whole internet or all of it? >> i'm a ghost. a type of a ghost i would know. starts pretty standard. mom reading a bedtime story to her daughter. daughter's going to bed. mom accidentally kicks that ball into the bed. mom tux little girl under. >> that's sweet. >> just as soon as she walks out of door -- consider been me. >> this is the ask a -- ah! >> what's under there? under the bed!
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>> no, it's still beat being. it almost stopped, though. [ screaming ] >> i actually think it's appropriately titled creepiest video on the internet. they made this for a recent monday challenge. i'll tell you what. >> it's brilliant. it's so well done! >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time. have a happy halloween.
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happy halloween, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got some great videos from the web "right this minute." a clerk gets the fright of her life inlike a halloween prank. how she outsmarted a crook with a meat cleaver. >> and he got stuck in a cloud. >> the moment they


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